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A better model for women’s healthcare

Your body is made unlike anyone else’s. At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, we are committed to knowing your story and providing exceptional care that is scientifically and morally sound.

For any woman

  • Helping you achieve the birth you desire.
  • Discovering what your body needs to be healthy.
  • Providing personalized care plans that are tailored to your body’s needs.
  • Empowering you to make informed decisions that work best for you and your family.
  • Creating a path forward on your fertility journey.

Let’s start the journey

Your story is important! We’d love to meet you where you are right now and help you take the next steps forward. Whether it is simple or complicated, your health and wellness are a priority for us.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

Give us a call

We’re here to listen and help. Call our offices, and our receptionists can help you discover what services you need and schedule an appointment ASAP.

Step 2

Schedule your appointment

We do telemeds, too!

The best way we can serve you is by meeting you! Your first appointment will introduce you to our team, give us the chance to listen to your needs, and provide you with a plan for care.

Step 3

Live empowered & educated

Our role is to help you be and stay well! We want to honor you and your needs throughout your adult life through personal, exceptional care.


The best model of care

As a patient at FMCC, you’ll have an experience that goes beyond your expectations. While many OBGYNs can be impersonal and busy, our team of doctors, certified nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners want to make you a priority.

The result:
Patients and their families receive the personalized, comprehensive care they simply cannot receive in any other model of care.

Authentically Pro-Life

As part of our vision, we utilize Creighton Fertility Model & NaProTECHNOLOGY™ and therefore do not prescribe artificial contraceptives, place IUDs, perform sterilization procedures, refer for in-vitro fertilization (IVF), or refer for or participate in pregnancy termination (abortion) under any circumstance.

Exceptional Services

We are here to meet the needs of women at any stage of life. Our team can help you with fertility, pregnancy, VBAC, endometriosis, postpartum care, menopause, general gynecological care, and more.

A wellness perspective

We want to provide you with avenues toward healthy living as you navigate fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

A familiar team

We promise to be your caregivers always—from our offices to hospital stays, to our birthing center. At every step, you can expect unencumbered access to us by call, text, or email.

An empowering approach

We believe you should decide what you want for your care. Our extensive experience across our team gives you multiple approaches to healthy living.

It is our honor to serve as partners with you in your healthcare. We do everything possible to treat the sanctity of that relationship with the respect it deserves.


What People Say About Us

This practice is a true gift from God, my husband and i feel so blessed to have found the office. The staff is so kind, patient, and eager to meet your needs. They have a genuine care for you personally and see you as an individual, not just another face to walk through the door.


We were so impressed with the level of care and expertise that FMCC provides! From the first appointment, we knew we were in great hands. We love the practice of meeting each doctor and midwife as it gave so much relief when it came to delivery and knowing we would see familiar faces for the big day! Although I had to end up having a necessary c-section, I was thoroughly impressed with the surgery and recovery. I highly recommend this practice!


If I could rate this office 10 stars I would. I can’t say enough good things. I went here for Infertility issues and now my first pregnancy! Every woman and family deserves the kind of healthcare you will get at FMCC. All the staff care about their patients, they listen, they’re proactive with care, and they get to the root cause of what’s going on with you, not masking problems with meds or brushing things off. Highly highly recommend!


What an incredible group of women whose strength, wisdom and courage has created the opportunity for so many lives to be born, families grown & hearts expanded in such a peaceful way, as God intended!

The most amazing supportive and empowering women in the industry. Pregnancy and delivery would not be the same without them.

So thankful to have had this team with me through the delivery of both my youngest babes! The entire staff is amazing!

Thank you to this amazing staff!! We have them to thank for our little peanut! You were an amazing support with her delivery in the hospital. Thank you for all your dedication!

They are all fantastic! And a big thank you for delivering my perfect rainbow baby in March. So thankful to everyone for helping us!

We love you all!! Thank you for your kindness and dedication!

Thank you for helping us walk through that journey, the journey to our beautiful rainbow and miracle!

Everyone at both offices are always so gentle and kind. It’s a blessing to have the knowledge support and help through this journey.

The Lord used FMCC to diagnose our infertility and by God's grace and kindness, just welcomed our first baby a couple weeks ago at the Holy Family Birth Center.

Thank you for everything, Dr. Stroud! The staff at FMCC is amazing. We are so blessed to have FMCC guide us in our fertility journey. Now we have an amazing little girl!

The doctors and staff at FMCC are all so wonderful. I’m so glad we had them by our side throughout our fertility journey.

Thank you for your work, Dr. Stroud! We are so thankful that you not only gave us answers but three beautiful miracles.

The best group there is! Three years of sadness before I met Dr. Stroud and 2 healthy babies later, here I am.

Dr. Stroud was a God-send to my family through my journey. After 6.5 years, I was sent to him from a friend, and I thank the Lord daily for it. He truly listens and cares. After 8 years, I got my miracle baby.

We are so grateful for Dr. Stroud! After he did my second surgery for stage 4 Endometriosis, he guided us to conceiving our miracle baby boy! It took us 8 years of struggling with infertility to have him! After numerous other doctors said I only had a 1% chance of having my own child, Dr. Stroud didn't give up on us! He is truly a blessing from God!

After dozens of fertility “specialist” consultations, the general consensus was “take these drugs” or “IVF is your only option”. We were fortunate enough to meet Dr. Stroud. His patience and compassion is unmatched. With his help we conceived naturally within one year of our first appointment. Dr. Stroud and his team truly are blessings.

Patient Information & Forms

We want your visit to be easy and efficient as possible. To allow you the best experience in a timely manner, we recommend that you read some of our documentation, followed by printing and filling out our forms before arriving to your appointment.

Patient Reviews

I’ve had a long, long journey of recurrent pregnancy loss. I’ve had four losses, and went through six different doctors to get to Drs. Stroud and Cly. My husband and I began our journey asking for preconception counseling, and to check my hormones for any irregularities. It was like pulling teeth to get any sort of education on conception, hormonal health and balance with our previous providers. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. With our first loss, progesterone wasn’t monitored and my thyroid went haywire, with next to little treatment offered. We lost that baby:(. Then we went on to have two chemical pregnancies, likely now because we know I have a luteal phase defect, thanks to Dr Stroud checking my cycle for months and providing the proper testing. When I started researching for myself, I begged my pcp to test me for blood clotting (factor 5) and other related disorders like anticoagulant/ anti phospholipid testing, wondering why my previous OB didn’t offer this after our third loss. By the grace of God, we found one Christian endocrine specialist who ended up helping my pcos, and referring me thereafter to Dr Stroud upon our fourth loss. When I say that FMCC is an answer to prayer, I fully mean this. Dr Stroud had a first consult with me, and quickly pieced together upon test results that I have both the MTHFR gene issue as well as problems at the microvascular level (PAI). In addition, he checked my progesterone on days 7 and 11dpo, switched me to a proper dose of letrozole, and confirmed that we have a high chance of conception with lovenox injections, a daily methylfolate supplement for MTHFR, and a baby aspirin. We are happy to report that we have a healthy new pregnancy with beta Hcg scores, a strong heartbeat and perfect gestational age. We have never, ever seen such beautiful results, and have only experienced the kind of care we finally know we needed, and have learned much more about my health for life, beyond this pregnancy. Drs Stroud and Cly and their whole team, have given us true hope. They are doing God’s work, and not trying to force IVF, IUI or other procedures that are costly, morally concerning in our faith, and without insight into the natural holistic issues I was facing. It is a breath of fresh air that I don’t have to be my own best advocate all the time—that I have doctors that truly care, and a care team willing and eager to do things God’s way! Thank you thank you thank you!
lindsay W.
After being told that birth control was the only answer for PCOS my entire life, I thankfully was referred to FMCC for progesterone and thyroid supplementation. I'm so glad I came to see the doctors here! Symptoms are so much better, and I was surprised with two beautiful babies after working on repairing my cycle. Never stop asking questions when it comes to your health!
Brittani S.
I drive an hour one way, and it is completely worth it. I am so grateful to have found them. They are incredibly kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. The staff took an interest not only in me, but also my husband and our other child during my pregnancy. I cannot say enough great things about FMCC.
Kayla W.
I absolutely love this office and all the staff! They provided amazing support through both of my pregnancies and educated me on all things I needed to know even after having our boys. Highly recommend!! They are a blessing to our family! Thank you Dr. Stroud and care team for all that you do and continue to do for our family and others!
Jennifer S.
I just loved Dr. Stroud and everyone at Fertility and Midwifery Care Center. Dr. Stroud truly cares, listens, and has an amazing personality. I feel truly blessed that he is helping me with my fertility journey. He performed a laparoscopy procedure today and everything went amazingly well. I highly recommend Fertility and Midwifery Care Center!!!
Chelsea B.
FMCC's model for prenatal care and collaboration between providers is great! The way they support women and families with their expertise and professional judgment in combination with providing them autonomy to make decisions relative to their birth experience is so different than the traditional birth experience - which is so 'medicalized'. I am so thankful for their team and the care I have received with them!!
Sarah A.
I have had the honor of having all 3 of my babies through FMCC with 2 of them being delivered at the birth center. The care, support, communication, and empowerment provided is unparalleled. The knowledge and skill in combination with the holistic care is truly something special to receive. I have never felt rushed, unimportant, or unheard with the providers and instead feel safe and valued. I want every woman and family to be able to receive this level of care and try to recommend it to anyone I can.
Sarah Z.
In 2020 I gave birth to my son with the support of FMCC. I had to have a c-section due to him being breech. Fast forward to 2024, I just gave birth to my daughter via VBAC with the support of FMCC. I was so appreciative of them following my plan and being encouraging. I am so thankful to have had the support of Marianne in the delivery room to help me achieve my VBAC. The post partum recovery has been a lot easier for me this go around than my C-section was. I would most definitely recommend FMCC, especially when it comes to VBACS!
Emily S.
I could probably type a whole book about my love for everyone in this clinic. After trying to get pregnant for almost a year it finally happened, to then be diagnosed with HG, gestational diabetes, and gestational hypertension. It felt like the hardest 9 months of my life, but everyone in this clinic showed so much love/care/compassion to me and my baby from day one that I never felt alone in my experience. No question of mine went unanswered and no concern went uncared for. And the connection and relationship you build with everyone here is amazing and unmatched . Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a team who cares
Jessica H.
There are truly no words to describe how amazing the team is at FMCC! Dr. Stroud and his wife, Mariann, lead an incredible team of women’s healthcare providers. Each member of the staff are exceptional in their field and provide the highest level of care that I have ever experienced.Every person, at each step of care, from the OBs, to Ultrasound techs, to Midwives, to nurses, to receptionist, go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable and well cared for. I have been with them for my last two births, and the compassion and care I have felt from every interaction is unparalleled. They truly listen to your concerns, provide thorough explanations of procedures, and are never pushy or judgemental when it comes to your decisions. If you are looking for hospital or birth center birth, I highly recommend FMCC!
Paige B
I have had two hospital births, one Holy Family Birth Center birth, and now planning on another at HFBC this year. I was new to the area when I found Fertility & Midwifery Care Center and was excited by the prospect of having a new birth experience after having a horrible second hospital birth. I had no idea what to expect and was skeptical of medical professionals walking into FMCC. They dispelled EVERY fear and walked with me through the entire pregnancy and birthing process with linked arms!Once I discovered I had PPD 8mo after the birth of our third child, FMCC staff was right there. They (especially Sara) SAVED MY LIFE. I would not be here today carrying our fourth baby without the help, compassion, encouragement, and prayers of those at FMCC. When I found out I was pregnant again, there was no hesitation on who I would go back to for my prenatal and postpartum care.I thank God for FMCC and highly recommend to anyone looking to be treated as a human, with compassion and love, rather than another number and big dollar signs.
Kateland V.
We had such a wonderful experience with FMCC! From our first ultrasound at the office to our delivery at Dupont Hospital, we felt seen and cared for. Marianne was such a calming presence during our son’s birth, and we couldn’t have imagined a better way to welcome him into the world. Thanks, FMCC, for taking such good care of us!
Leslie L.
Love Dr. Stroud and his entire team! Whether you are seeing them as a general OB/GYN, infertility, or whatever you specific need is, they take such great care of you! My husband and I have 2 beautiful babies thanks to Dr. Stroud’s passion for helping women and we are so, so thankful.
Jessica P.
Dr. Stroud is an amazing, caring doctor. He was able to help me achieve 2 pregnancies through medication- nothing invasive. After years of being told I could not get pregnant or would need an invasive surgery to treat my PCOS, Dr. Stroud gave us hope and a family. I have 2 fellow acquaintances that I sent to him also that both achieved pregnancies. His knowledge is amazing and I'm so thankful for him and his team!
Kristen C.
Dr. Stroud and his team are truly one of a kind! I practice in Michigan, and don’t hesitate to refer patients to him because of his knowledge and faith based approach! He is the epitome of what a doctor should be and an inspiration to those of us in healthcare.
Finding Doctor Stalling has been the biggest blessing. I have seen so many doctors throughout my life who don't listen and are very dismissive when it comes to my endometriosis. She is so caring and informative. Although I haven't been her patient for long I could rant all day about how great she is.
Teresa B.
Excellent care, truly unrivaled. Every one of the doctors, midwives, nurses, and staff are professional, caring, and skilful at what they do. You will be hard pressed to find better care in Fort Wayne, or anywhere else. I am blessed by and continually grateful for everyone at this practice.
Genevieve R.
My precious baby girl Evelyn Edwina Quillet was born 11/14/23 by Midwife Erin. After 20+ hours of labor she finally made her arrival but shortly after things turned ugly with momma, I started to hemorrhage and with the doctors and midwives quick thinking was rushed to emergency surgery for a “quick fix” which turned into a 4 hour surgery, 9 units of blood and intubated in ICU. I truly believe in the power of prayer and that God was working through everyone’s hands that day. Hearing they saved my life will forever be instilled in my mind. All my vitals and strength were stable and you could not tell that I had went through something like that, I was able to leave ICU and arrive at postpartum with my baby the very next day. truly a miracle. I am eternally grateful to everyone at Fertility & Midwifery, The Surgeon, Doctors and Nurses at DuPont Hospital! You all made me feel at home and I have never felt so taken care of! God bless you all! - Genevieve and Baby Evelyn Quillet
Rebekah F.
We just delivered our preemie twin girls with the help and care of Dr. Grosvenor and CNM Rachel Maio. Everything, from start to finish, our care before delivery, all the way through the birth of our babies was more than we could have ever hoped for. This team is loving, thoughtful, professional and puts patient safety and care as paramount. We had a very complicated delivery, and not once did we doubt the capability or dependability of our providers. If you’re having a baby in the Fort Wayne area, go with FMCC. They will go above and beyond in every possible way!
Rose W.
FMCC has been an amazing practice all around to my family. We first saw Dr. Stroud for fertility care when we were having trouble conceiving as newlyweds. He quickly made an action plan with us and took a holistic approach to restoring our fertility in a morally sound manner. After endometriosis surgery in 2022, we conceived our son and received all prenatal care from the talented team there. We ended up delivering at Dupont hospital where the care was excellent and while our birth experience was not what we planned we felt supported and well cared for by the FMCC family especially Rachel our Midwife. Most recently I received care from Dr. Cly for an obstetrical injury which he swiftly diagnosed, operated on, and oversaw recovery with great care given to our concerns and helping to solve the problem efficiently for us. This practice is truly pro-life, pro-family, and we are greatly blessed to have them within driving distance. There is no better team around for women's health and growing families. Thank you to all the nurses, midwives, and providers for your vocations and for helping our family to grow and thrive.
Rose W.
I FMCC has been an amazing practice all around to my family. We first saw Dr. Stroud for fertility care when we were having trouble conceiving as newlyweds. He quickly made an action plan with us and took a holistic approach to restoring our fertility in a morally sound manner. After endometriosis surgery in 2022, we conceived our son and received all prenatal care from the talented team there. We ended up delivering at Dupont hospital where the care was excellent and while our birth experience was not what we planned we felt supported and well cared for by the FMCC family especially Rachel our Midwife. Most recently I received care from Dr. Cly for an obstetrical injury which he swiftly diagnosed, operated on, and oversaw recovery with great care given to our concerns and helping to solve the problem efficiently for us. This practice is truly pro-life, pro-family, and we are greatly blessed to have them within driving distance. There is no better team around for women's health and growing families. Thank you to all the nurses, midwives, and providers for your vocations and for helping our family to grow and thrive.
Katherine P.
I am so very thankful for FMCC. After a scary 1st pregnancy with a different provider, the care I received at FMCC was night and day different. All the midwives were great, but Marianne was such a blessing. She’s so knowledgeable and helped calm my many fears. Although I sadly risked out of the birth center, the midwives helped come up with a plan to hopefully avoid an induction, and it worked! I had a wonderful, quick, natural birth at DuPont, and I was taken care of so well along the way. We will definitely be back for baby #3, Lord willing!
Anonymous A
I had a miscarriage during my care at another facility. Unfortunately, the other facility stated it was normal to have a miscarriage. I had several friends that went to Fertility & Midwifery and decided to change to their care. I had the nurse practioner named Elise and she was caring and thorough at the very 1st appoinment. I was able to become pregnant again and had a healthy baby. All of the midwives were gentle, empowering and cared about our little one. Dr. Stroud also called us once after I had questions about things found on an ultrasound. The front desk staff were also helpful with any paperwork I needed. I also had to bring my other young daughter to the appointments and they included her, which helped with bonding before the baby came & she is now a proud big sister. Overall, I would recommend this place.
I am overjoyed to share my heartfelt appreciation for the Fertility and Midwifery Care Center. Without a doubt, this place has been the beacon of hope and support on so many people’s journey to parenthood. Both of my children owe their existence to the remarkable care and expertise of this center.From the very beginning, the staff and medical professionals here showed unwavering dedication to our cause. Their guidance, compassion, and top-notch medical care made what seemed impossible become a reality. They provided excellent prenatal and midwifery care throughout both pregnancies.The welcoming and nurturing environment of this center truly sets it apart. Every visit felt like we were part of a caring family, and their commitment to our well-being was evident in every interaction. They were there for us every step of the way, answering our questions and alleviating our anxieties.Today, I have two healthy, happy children, and I owe it all to the Fertility and Midwifery Care Center. This place isn't just a medical facility; it's a haven of hope, a source of miracles, and a testament to the incredible impact that compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals can have on people's lives. My family will forever be grateful for the life-changing care we received here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Blair C.
Our journey to parenthood was not simple or always easy. We were so thankful to be with FMCC after a horrible experience at Parkview OBGYN where I felt like a number/statistic/$$. I knew God had a plan for us and I’m so glad it led us to FMCC. They treated me as an individual and not a cookie cutter patient.I felt like every person I interacted with (from checking in and lab work to my ultrasounds and provider visits) truly cared about me and my family. After one horrible day when we found out I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to be rushed into surgery, Dr. Stallin gave me her personal number so I could call and talk with her the next day since she knew I wouldn’t remember anything from after surgery. They saved my life because if I’d still been with Parkview, I wouldn’t have had the lab work to confirm the ectopic or even been seen at the office.We welcomed our second son/FMCC birth in June and if we have any more we will definitely be going on that journey with FMCC ♥️
Kate B.
I have had three babies with FMCC and one at the birth center. I have loved my experiences. They encouraged education, making me more confident. I appreciate each midwife that assisted me and I am so very thankful this practice was an option six years ago when I was first pregnant. I am not sure if my experiences would have been the same with anyone else.
Morgan C.
I cannot recommend FMCC enough. I became a patient in December of 2022 after not being happy with my level of care with my previous doctor. I had an appointment scheduled for early 2023 and, unbeknownst to me at the time, I would not be needing it. I found out two days after Christmas that I was pregnant with my daughter. FMCC immediately had me go in to have my hCG and progesterone checked, which led to progesterone supplementation through my entire pregnancy. Their level of care in unmatched. Everyone in the office is always so kind, and I left feeling very well informed after every appointment. Especially when I received my diagnosis of gestational diabetes. Erin made sure all of my questions were answered and I was able to reach out if I had any additional questions. At 35 weeks I was diagnosed with Cholestasis and Nicky made sure to explain exactly what it was, & why my induction would be necessary. She was amazing through the process. Marianne ended up delivering my daughter, and she was truly a Godsend. I’m so thankful that she was there, I couldn’t have done it without her or God by my side.
Isaiah D.
FMCC will always hold a special place in our hearts. This is where we went for our first pregnancy/birth. The midwives, physicians, ultrasound techs, and clinic staff were all wonderful at all of our appointments. Dr. Stroud and Dr. Stalling both spent considerable time with us early in the pregnancy discussing concerns we had; and did additional research for us to ease our minds. Dr. Bauer made an impact for us towards the end of my wife's pregnancy by ordering additional labs, and simply listening to the complaints and concerns we had. Marianne delivered our sweet daughter; and without her calming presence and extensive knowledge, I have no doubt our experience could have been a totally different one. Thankful for this faith-based practice; you'll feel peace & love upon entering the office.
Melissa W.
I can’t say enough good things about this office. I travel 3 hours to see Dr. Stalling for endometriosis and fertility care. Every staff member I’ve encountered has been extremely kind, compassionate, and SO helpful. I’m truly blown away by their willingness to go above and beyond to help their patients. They answer all my questions and concerns with so much patience, I never feel rushed, and they always get back to me promptly if I call or leave a message on the patient portal. I’ve never received such outstanding medical care. I’m so thankful I found Dr. Stalling and this office.
april A.
Some people may think FMCC only does Fertility and OB Care, but they do all GYN care including routine GYN stuff like Annual Exams, etc. I had a daVinci Hysterectomy by Dr. Stroud and I couldn't have asked for a better physician. Everyone heals differently, but I was able to bounce back to feeling like myself and in no pain at all within 2 weeks. I only had to take pain medication once when I got home from the hospital that day.I will continue to see FMCC for my routine GYN care and definitely recommend you give them a try also.
Stephanie M.
I had great experiences being cared for and delivering with FMCC in Fort Wayne. I also have nothing but good things to say about their long-distance care, which in my case was progesterone supplementation after I had moved out of state and had two miscarriages. My doctors in my new town did not have anything to offer to try to prevent another miscarriage after I had two in close succession, but FMCC was very compassionate and helpful. I had a phone consultation with Dr. Stroud, and numerous people in the office helped with navigating the process of finding and using supplemental progesterone, ultimately resulting in a healthy pregnancy and baby. I would highly recommend them to anyone in Fort Wayne or anyone dealing with fertility issues long-distance. It is worth any extra effort it may take to work with them.
Trish G.
Only good things to say about this practice. My husband and I chose to make the 2 hour drive for my appointments and to deliver our baby with FMCC because the level of care, the entirely pro-life, pro-family practice, the kindness and personal attention, and the professionalism. Dr. Stroud, Marianne, and the staff are all top-notch. We will continue to use this practice.
Shelly E.
I absolutely love this practice, what they stand for, how they care, and I recommend them to any and all! I had my first baby at Dupont Hospital and my second at the Holy Family Birth Center. Amazing experiences both times.Whether you're trying to achieve pregnancy or not, pregnant or not, a healthy woman or not...this place can and will help you in women's health.
Rebekah W.
I have been a patient of Dr. Stroud’s since 2016. I have never met another doctor or team of healthcare professionals from administrative positions through doctors and nurses, who have such great bedside manner, genuine care and concern for their patients. The fact that I live 2 hrs away now and this is the only care team who understands my situation with pcos, mthfr gene mutation and low to almost no progesterone, is mind boggling but I am so grateful that I am under their care!! I had the ovarian wedge resection done by Dr. Stroud in August 2021. My life has changed! I have regular cycles, almost no “extreme” mood swings along with SEVERAL other things that have healed up almost instantly. I don’t know of another group of people who understand needing to put a mother on progesterone at max dosage, it has been what has saved my last 3 pregnancies. I am also a 3 times successful v-bac mother due to the time FMCC has spent giving me the confidence to know that my body is capable and the knowledge to advocate for myself. I owe so much to FMCC and am always so grateful for their help even being so far away. They have been so patient and work with me to manage my progesterone levels during my pregnancies, due to the fact that I can not get another doctor in my area to understand the importance of progesterone injections for my body to continue to keep the baby. I know this is quite a bit to read, but it was worth the time to write. I highly recommend FMCC!!!
Aubrey B.
FMCC is the place to go for high quality, individualized care. The staff and mission there far exceeded the level of care I received from another local women's health provider by emphasizing the importance of educating the mother of the birth process and local hospital practices while also empowering the mother to pursue what is best for her and her baby to come. My experience at FMCC was far different than that of my peers who chose other prenatal care providers in the way I was prepared and educated for the significant process of child labor and birth. I am so thankful for this team and practice here in my hometown!
Stephanie W.
From beginning to end and all the ups and downs the providers and staff of fmcc were always supportive and informative! We were blessed to have this team for 3 babies. Even when labor and delivery of our last threw us a curve ball we felt very informed by our team and they lead the way for us to have a non emergent delivery and safe arrival of baby!
Diane H.
I’m an employee and a patient. I recommend FMCC to ALL my family and friends for their OB/GYN needs. My younger daughter is a patient and absolutely loves Ellise! She’s patient, kind and understanding.Thanks FMCC for not only being an amazing employer but for taking care of my family and friends!🩵
Jessy S.
I’ve seen many different OB’s and fertility drs. I can say that I have never felt more cared for than I did here. And when I say cared for I truly felt like they cared about me and what was best for me! I feel so blessed to have found this practice to care for me through my infertility, prenatal, delivery (two babies!) and postpartum! I’m not sure there is enough time or room to write all of the good things I have to say about them but if you’re really curious send me a message and I’d be glad to share all the wonderful reasons I love this practice!
Hetty V.
I have received nothing but impeccable care at this practice! Everyone is so caring and really takes the time to listen and to put your wants and needs into action. In addition, all of my appointments and procedures have been covered by my insurance so it’s been very very affordable. I have so many favorite employees here from the front desk to the providers and I have to give shout outs to them here! Dr. Stroud and his wife Marianne (but I think this goes without saying as co-owners of the practice!), Dr. Stalling who really committed and deep dove into my overall health to identify the issue, Stephanie Wilson who is just the sweetest and funniest Creighton Model charting instructor, Emma Ziino, Allison Francois, and Becca Cronin are always incredibly kind during exam visits, Angela Meyer who drew my blood perfectly many many a time, Stacy Mullinger who amazingly addresses me by name the moment I walk in the door, and Diane Hartman who always snaps the cutest photos of our little one during ultrasounds!Thank you everyone for making my experience with you all so incredible!
Taylor G.
I have never felt so heard by women’s health staff in my life. I felt comfortable, respected and cared about from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I walked out. I recently was able to establish care with Sarah Rothgeb, NP and I could not be more impressed. She took the time to listen to me and actually understand my struggles both past as well as present. She made plans, with just the first visit, to actually investigate the issues. Previously, I’ve had nothing but OBGYNs from the larger networks dismiss me and just throw birth control at my struggles (which either did not help or had several horrible side effects). And I’ve never gotten answers or non harmful solutions. Now, I feel like I’m on the path to actual solutions and women’s health CARE. Thank you FMCC for all you guys do!
Ireena K.
Great care, friendly staff. I personally love that they are Christian. Holistic experience in womens health care and pregnancy. (Photos of office at holiday time!)
Emily M.
Hands down an amazing doctors office! I absolutely love the midwifery! Everyone is so personable when I walk in. They know me by name and are always willing to answer my questions, phone calls, and even text messages! Huge shout out to so many of the staff members!Taylor, Stacy, and Tammi are always the first I see upon walking in! They always greet me with a smile and by name! They are always patient and kind. If they don’t have the answer, they never hesitate to find it out for me!Angela, literally the best phlebotomist! She knows me by name and recognition! She always hits my veins the first time and I have never had any issues with bruising or soreness!Amanda, Stephanie, Mackenzie, Megan, and Nyaing, are just a few of their amazing staff members! But these girls go above and beyond every time! Always so descriptive, hands on, and knowledgeable! They always meet all of my needs always willing to go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and heard! They answer so many of my phone calls to the point it’s probably annoying but they are always reassuring, kind, and caring!Stephanie W., Man she is amazing! She is the whole reason we have our son and another on the way! She meant with us regularly and diligently to figure out our infertility adventure! I can’t say enough good things about her!Lindsey is hands down the best ultrasound tech! I haven’t really scene anyone else but man! She is nothing but calm, excited for you, and full of knowledge and reassurance! She talks you through step by step and doesn’t miss a beat!Marianne Stroud! Again, I can’t say enough! She was a major advocate for our first birth and was nothing but reassuring, comforting, and full of knowledge! She literally meant us where we were at in some of the scariest moments right before delivery and calmed us down!All in all, I am so beyond blessed to be able to have such amazing doctors, midwives, and staff to care for me before, during, and after our pregnancies!
Whitney N.
I had 3 out of 6 of my babies with them. Dr. Stroud office has been truly amazing and so caring during my pregnancies. They listen to your concerns and questions and answer them thoroughly and explained everything. If I could go back in time and change who delivered my older three I would in a heart beat choose Dr. Stroud office.
Pamela P.
I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant. A feat I thought would never happen for my husband and I after experiencing 3 previously unexplained losses. I was recommended this practice from a friend. I will forever owe her for sending me their way. Within 5 minutes of my first appointment they were able to see what was causing my losses based on tests that were ran by previous Dr's. That day I was prescribed the medicine that has made carrying my baby possible. Every midwife and physician I have met has been incredible. Becca and Rachel really stand out to me though. They are genuinely some of the nicest, most carrying people I've ever met in my life, and have made this experience so much easier on me. I would absolutely recommend fmcc to any woman who is experiencing fertility issues.
Amanda D.
I’m so incredibly grateful for all the staff at FMCC. From Kelly who was so helpful with transferring care, booking appointments, answering questions, and even insurance stuff to all the midwives, to Dr. Stroud who delivered our son. We moved to IN and I had been spotting from 12 weeks to 16 weeks but my old doctors wouldn’t look into why. If we would have stayed our son wouldn’t have make it. As soon as I walked into my first appointment a midwife prescribed progesterone right away and sure enough when the test came back my progesterone levels were extremely low. The next hurdle we crossed was my water breaking at 18.5 weeks. I stayed on bed rest till 22.5 weeks when I was admitted into the hospital spending a total of 9 weeks in there. A midwife or Dr. Stroud himself came to check up on me every day. We made it to 31weeks 2 days and our son was born emergency c-section. We spent 2 months in the NICU. Today our son is thriving! I’m so grateful for the care and emotional support I received from the staff here. In the midst of the scariest situation of our lives they showed they cared, valued life, and walked us through every step of the way. I could not recommend this place enough.
Elizabeth H.
Baby #1 born at DuPont with FMCC staff (thanks, Rachel!), and Lord willing, future babies born with them as well. Love their care and attentiveness at each visit.

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