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SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley “Finding Root Causes of Infertility” featuring Dr. Christopher Stroud

If you went to a cardiologist and complained of chest pain, you likely wouldn’t be satisfied if they gave you a painkiller and sent you on your way.  The doctor would be treating the symptom but not addressing the underlying disease causing it.

In the same way, infertility is a symptom that there is an underlying issue, or issues, that need to be explored.

So what does it look like to take a disease-based approach to infertility?  What kinds of tests and treatments can be done to get to the bottom of infertility issues?

In this episode, Jordan talks with Dr. Christopher Stroud, an OBGYN who uses NaProTechnology to address infertility issue.  Together, they discuss what it looks like to take a root cause approach to infertility.

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