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Dr. Christopher Stroud is a board-certified OB/GYN at the Fertility & Midwifery Care Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which he and his wife started in 2014. He is trained in a highly specialized, natural form of fertility care called Creighton Model Fertility/NaPro Technology. Dr. Stroud runs the Holy Family Birth Center in Fort Wayne, which uses an integrated physician-nurse midwife model of care. He is also the co-host of a nationally known radio show & podcast called “Doctor, Doctor”. He and his wife Marianne have five children and three grandchildren.
In this episode Chad takes responsibility as the fall guy for this men-talking-about-women’s-health episode, while Ben loosely associates so as to maintain the safe appearance of neutrality. The two have to hold their mouths in the closed position for fear of gaping dumbly at all the utterly fascinating insights shared in this interview.
  • What are some things dads need to know about what their young daughters are going through during their teen years?
  • How does the Creighton Model Fertility/NaPro Technology differ from more traditional approaches to women’s health?
  • In what ways does the use of the pill adversely affect a young woman’s future fertility? (And what is Ben’s burning question about contraception at the end of the episode?)