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Learning to Mom – Episode 13 “Why You Should Give Birth at a Birth Center” featuring Marianne Stroud, CNM from Holy Family Birth Center

Wondering what a birth center is, how to have a successful birth at a birth center, what a birth center looks like and why people give birth at birth centers?? Well then, this episode is for you: Diving into giving birth at a birthing center. The Learning to Mom podcast is hosted by Laila, a first-time mom herself who invites weekly guests to her podcast to discuss questions about pregnancy and birth, so that other first-time moms can be informed and empowered without feeling overwhelmed. Click the link above to listen on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts!
Episode 13 Podcast Notes:
This week on the Learning To Mom Podcast, we chat with Marianne and Nevi Stroud from the Holy Family Birth Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana and ask them all our first-time mom questions related to  birth centers:
– What is a birth center?
– Why should someone have a birth center birth?
– What should women consider when choosing a home birth vs. hospital vs. birth center birth
– Are birth plans important in birth centers?
– What does pregnancy care and appointments look like for birth centers?
– What questions to ask a birth center when determining if that birth center would be a good fit for you or not?
– What does a birth center room look like?
– What happens post delivery/postpartum at a birth center?
– What are the misconceptions around birth centers?
– What advice do you have for women considering a birth center birth? Plus so much more!

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How to connect with the Holy Family Birth Center:
– Website: Fort Wayne Birth Center – Holy Family Birth Center
– Instagram: Holy Family Birth Center (@holyfamilybirthcenter)

Connect with me, Laila from the Learning to Mom podcast on instagram: Pregnancy Podcast | Learning To Mom (@learningtomom.podcast)