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Young Mothers of America

Tasha Davis

At Young Mothers Of America, we encourage and strengthen mothers. Our goal is to create a safe, loving, and respectful environment for mothers and children to interact. We provide information regarding community resources and education, while also offering a safe haven for mothers at risk of abuse and homelessness.

Y.M.A is a multi-focus program. Young mothers that enter the program will cycle through a round of 6-week courses. Each hand-picked to empower her to get the most out of the experience. Courses are picked with input from the mother and her mentor assigned at the time of intake.

520 East Washington Boulevard

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

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A Mother’s Hope

A Mother’s Hope is the only place in and around Allen County that provides shelter and intensive services exclusively for pregnant women. At A Mother’s Hope, we are able to closely monitor the health of our residents and ensure that good prenatal care is the number one priority.

Women are able to stay for up to one year after their babies are born, giving them continued support through the most vulnerable time of a child’s life. A Mother’s Hope is committed to providing the best possible services to help ensure stronger women, healthier babies, and a better community.

5322 N. Clinton St.

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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Women’s Care Center

Women’s Care Center provides free, confidential counseling, support and education for pregnant women. Free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds help determine viability and dates (prenatal medical care and abortions not provided).

419 E. Wayne Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802


921 W. Coliseum Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46808


4600 W. Jefferson Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46804



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Healthier Moms and Babies

We believe every baby deserves a healthy start at life.

We’re working toward a healthier future in Allen County by breaking down barriers to prenatal care, educating women about preterm labor and warning signs in pregnancy, increasing community awareness about SUIDS prevention, providing information about Medicaid, and more.

By empowering moms with education, support, and tools to have healthier pregnancies and births, we are building a brighter future and a stronger community.

1025 W Rudisill Blvd

Fort Wayne, IN 46807

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